In order to live optimally, one must determine and treat the cause of a problem, rather than the symptoms. At Lead, we believe that touch is a powerful tool and we deliver a holistic, hands on, individualized approach to health and wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine blends scientific knowledge with traditional and natural medicine. Naturopathic Doctors are trained professionals who treat patients through a natural approach.

Physiotherapy by Nomad Therapies

Let Lead Physiotherapy by Nomad Therapies help restore, maintain, and maximize your body's alignment, balance, and overall function.

Massage Therapy

At Lead Massage, you are in good hands. Regardless your ailment or interest, Lead Massage has the services you need.

BodyTalk/Accunect, Reflexology and Reiki

Allow these relaxing treatments to restore the natural function of the body. Benefits include increased circulation and reduced tension and stress.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is a special combination of modern science and traditional methods based on the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a form of assisted stretching that targets fascial connective tissue and joint capsules to increase range of motion and stability, improve performance, and reduce pain. It’s a pain-free method that is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Mental Health

A healthy body includes, a healthy mind, healthy relationships and a healthy perspective. Lead Mental Health focuses on treating the individual and helps you live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Kinesiology / Manual Therapy

Blending manual therapy and kinesiology to find the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Blending unique modalities such as joint mobilizations, fascial stretching, craniosacral therapy, and exercise programming to help maximize your body's alignment, function, and health.

Pre & Postnatal

Motherhood can be hard, but you're not alone. Lead Pre & Postnatal services are designed to surround you with a sense of calm and confidence so you can find peace and joy in motherhood.

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